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Spandhana Public Trust Profile

Spandhana Public Trust Profile Picture"SPANDHANA PUBLIC TRUST" is a registered NGO under Government of Karnataka in 2001. Basically, "SPANDHANA" is working for the cause of women empowerment by giving family counselling for the victims of violence, oppressed, deserted and the destitutes in the society. We have formed self help groups in the urban and rural areas and availing loans through micro finance institutions. We are also concentrating on health issues by giving counselling to mothers on child care in the slums and rural areas. We also give counselling and awareness for the adolescents regarding personal hygiene, health care and personality development and behavioural changes.

We are working in all the 5 districts in Karnataka. We give them free home nursing training and recruit jobs as a "Home Nurse" to take care of the patients and old age people. We provide free training, free food and free accommodation. Our aim is to empower them economically and seek job for the unemployed youths and teenage girls all over Karnataka.

We have our "Spandhana Senior Citizen Home" in Koramangala, we take care of them for 24 hours with boarding, lodging, daily doctor visits/medical check up with nursing care. We take care of aged people like paralysed, spondylosis, parkinson disease, alzimers and terminal ill cases. We provide them with good nutritious balanced diet food and good accommodation. We have a small indoor games like playing carom, chess, balls, watching T.V. and reading newspapers/magazines. Our effort is to provide homely atmosphere with love and care to the elders in our Senior Citizen Home.

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